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Dental Health
At The Dental House we have a strong prevention-based philosophy. Regular checkups help to keep your mouth, gums and
teeth healthy by spotting any problems early. We recommend at least two checkups and Hygienist visits per year for most people.

Why do I need a check up?

A check up (dental examination) shows how healthy your mouth is. Regular, thorough examinations mean that we can spot problems and correct them before the treatment becomes complicated, helping you to look after your mouth and prevent
future problems. We will discuss the results with you and plan the best way to deal with any problems.

What is plaque?

Plaque is mostly made up of bacteria and is the soft, sticky substance that builds up on your teeth. There are bacteria in
plaque which feed on sugar from food and drink and produce acids as a waste product. These acids attack your teeth and
dissolve the minerals in their surface which can result in tooth decay. If plaque is allowed to build up, bacteria can cause
gum disease and make your gums sore and infected. Tartar (also known as 'calculus'), is hardened plaque which cannot
be removed by just brushing your teeth. We will remove this using a special procedure called scaling.

What is Scaling and Polishing?

Scaling cleans above and below the gum line. We use two types of instrument for scaling. Hand scalers come in different
sizes and shapes and are designed to reach different parts of your teeth. Alternatively we may use sonic scalers, the tip of
which vibrates very fast in a stream of water. The water is removed from your mouth using a small suction device. We will
also polish your teeth to remove stains from coffee, tea, cigarettes or red wine. This process makes it more difficult for
plaque to stick to your teeth.

Scale and polish treatments take less time if you clean your teeth very thoroughly at home. Our Hygienists can advise you on
the best way to clean your teeth and gums thoroughly at home. Regular scaling and polishing helps to keep your teeth and
gums healthy by making it easier for you to keep your teeth clean at home. You should see and feel the difference. If your
gums bleed when you brush, you may have early gum disease. Regular scaling helps to stop the disease getting worse and it
helps you to eliminate the disease by thorough cleaning at home. Bad breath is often caused by gum disease and regular
scaling, and cleaning your teeth thoroughly at home, can prevent this.

Why do I need a filling?

Fillings rebuild and replace parts of teeth which have been lost because of decay or through accidental damage. If decay is
left unchecked, it can spread into teeth, causing pain and infection. This can mean teeth have to be root filled or even taken
out. A filling can end toothache or prevent toothache developing.

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